Dear person who is meant to read this at this very moment...right now,

Welcome to my imaginative, horrifying, absurd, hopeful, whimsical, ridiculous, good/bad, ugly, happy/sad journal of a life surviving incest at the hands of a trusted family member.

From times of utter confusion through moments of razor sharp clarity, I will take you on a journey that will stick to you like gum from a hot sidewalk on a summers day.

I invite you into my heart, my mind and my soul.  I invite you to open your heart, your mind and your soul.

And. . .hold the end I promise you a soft, gentle landing.


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Lori Cardille, actress, photographer, cartoonist, relates the impact of surfacing memories of her childhood abuse.  This poignant account, delivered with humor, hopes to offer compassion to others who are surviving.

The fact that my life would make me a good guest on a talk show makes me feel shame.  Yet I have come to the point that I have suffered greatly.  I have laughed like a hyena through my life's sorrows.  I have cried so hard and long, I never thought I would stop.  I have been a sinner and a saint.

I have written this book for the love of myself and you.  Because of my uncle, whom I trusted and loved, feared and despised, I was a victim of extreme sexual and mental abuse.

I am finally not embarrassed to call myself that weak word:  victim.  I am a victim and I have a story to tell.

 I hope to give laughter to those who suffer and can relate.  I am a proud survivor.

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