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LP (Varese Sarabande STV 81151) 1982
Green border with US poster art.  Lengthy write-up on back as well as a short note by Romero. Back cover reads:
side 1
1. Driveway to the Cemetery (Main Title) - Spencer Moore
2. At the Gravesite - William Loose/Flight - Loose-Seely/Refuge-W. Loose
3. Farmhouse/First Approach - George Hormel
4. Ghoulash (J.R.'s Demise) - Ib Glindemann
5. Boarding Up - G. Hormel/Loose - Seely/Glindemann
6. First Radio Report-Phil Green/Torch On the Porch - G. Hormel
7. Boarding Up 2/Discovery: Guns 'n Ammo - G. Hormel
8. Cleaning House - S. Moore

side 2
1. First Advance -Ib Glindemann
2. Discovery of TV - G. Hormel/Preparing to Escape/Tom & Judy - J. Meakin
3. Attempted Escape - G. Hormel
4. Truck On Fire/Ben Attacks Harry - G. Hormel/Leg of Leg*
5. Beat 'Em or Burn 'Em/Final Advance - G. Hormel
6. Helen's Death*/Dawn/Posse in the Fields/Ben Awakes - S. Moore
7. O.K. Vince/Funeral Pyre (End Title) - S. Moore

* electronic sound effects by Karl Hardman

Other recorded stuff:
Radio spots LP
Radio spots tape (Hardman-Eastman)

Sound effects tape (Hardman-Eastman)

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Audiobook (Simon and Schuster Audioworks ISBN: 0-671-66200-7) 1988
Adapted by Michael Brooks. Narrated by Ed Bishop. 60 mins.
Front cover has a still of cemetery zombie over Johnny's body 

LP - Great Horror Film Themes (1987)