Theatrical Posters:

US 27x41 one-sheet 1968
All black and white, with Maria Torre (Village Voice) rave on top instead of "They won't stay dead!" National Screen Service numbered. 350 may have been made. A 40x60 size also exists and is even scarcer.

nightus.gif (29808 bytes)

US 27x41 one-sheet 1968
Green logo, "They won't stay dead!" on top

ukad.gif (12432 bytes)

UK 30x40 quad 1971
Skull and "Fear" writeup on side.

Spain 27x39 one-sheet 1970
"La Noche de los Muertos Vivientes." Cemetery painting with skeletal woman coming out of coffin.

notteinsert.gif (20352 bytes)
Italy 13x26 insert 1970
"La Notte dei Morti Viventi". Hand reaching out of ground. Credits "R. Burr" and George Kramer."

nightit4.gif (29777 bytes)

Italy 39x55 two-sheet  1970
"La Notte dei Morti Viventi." Woman in cemetery with wrought-iron gate. Credits "R. Burr" and "George Kramer".

nightit2.gif (29489 bytes)

Italy 55x79 three-sheet  1970
"La Notte dei Morti Viventi." Hand reaching out of grave. Skull in left lower part. Yellow title off right lower end. Credits "R. Burr" and "George Kramer"

germnold.gif (24019 bytes)

Germany 23x33
"Die Nacht der Lebenden Toten." Hands with nails driven through them. Color versions are originals; black and whites are reissues.

nitebelg.gif (23515 bytes)

Belgium 14x22
"Le Nuit des Morts Vivants" on top with "De Nacht van de Levende-Doden" on bottom. Painting of Raquel Welch-looking woman surrounded by decayed arms with the image of the fat shorts zombie group approaching on the bottom.

France 13x21 petite 1970
"Le Nuit des Morts Vivants." Black w/chalk-like drawing of zombies.


France 46x62 grand
"Le Nuit des Morts Vivants." Black w/chalk-like drawing of zombies. The scan on the right is just to show that the film Return of the Blind Dead, was called "Return of the Living Dead" before Dan O'Bannon's film of the same name.

France 46x62 grand or 16x21 1978
"Le Nuit des Morts Vivants." Skull with pool of blood and zombie hands.

Not released.

Reprint Posters:

redduo.gif (29925 bytes)

US 27x41 one-sheet reprint
Red/white Duotone minus a few credits.

nightquad.gif (35060 bytes)

UK 30x40 quad reissue 1978
Cemetery scene, title written on tombstone. Lady screaming.

Commercial Posters:
UK 24x36 poster 1995
Gothic Posters; many stupid typos (Russell Straker?); original US art.

27x41 mylar one-sheet A
25th Anniversary Silver collage style. Limited edition of 100. Unsigned versions are actually more valuable since they're rarer. These were reprinted from the Maria Torre NOTLD one-sheet.

27x41 mylar one-sheet B
25th Anniversary Gold logo with blurb on bottom. Limited edition of 50.

27x41 mylar one-sheet C
25th Anniversary Gold collage style. Limited edition of 30.

24x36 1999
Market Square Productions. 

Video Posters:
US New Line Cinema special screening ad/posters 1978-85
Various designs, of cartoonish zombies in graveyards and such.

US 19x26 Hal Roach Studios Colorization video poster 1986
Identical to cover of video.

US 30x30 Anchor Bay Ent. Suncoast Motion Picture Co. store mobile
Karen's face in frame, part of a series, released around Halloween.

Lobby Cards:

Scan from collection of Jeff Carney
US set of 8x10 or 11x14
1. Judy w/Karen in basement
2. Ben with rifle and Barb and Tom
3. Zombies seen from back with nude zombie
4. Zombies (lady in white in right)
5. Capital-cameraman by car
6. Ben lights couch on fire
7. Ben takes Barb's shoes off
8. Title card (skull on stairs with logo)
9. Zombie horde (shirtless man in shorts shot)
10. Zombies approaching porch steps
11. Zombies in 'day for night' shot
12. Zombies react to fire
13. Johnny fighting cemetery zombie, Barb runs past
14. Judy in truck
15. Dead Ben being carried by men 
16. Ben with rifle in window

France set of 8
1. Chuck Craig in the newsroom
2. The nude zombie
3. George and reporters in Washington DC
4. Chilly Billy and Chief McClellan
5. Ben putting shoes on Barbara
6. Police car with posse in background
7. A non-NOTLD photo of a man and woman standing over a body on a table (the title in the printed photo hand written)
8. A non-NOTLD photo of a crying woman holding a man (the title in the printed photo hand written)

9. Zombies by truck as fire breaks out.

Italy-Fotobusta 18x28-set of 8
1.Colorized Judy caring for Karen over zombies at door
2.Colorized Helen and Karen over Ben with rifle
3.Color pic of "The Haunting" woman over zombies
4.Color pic of two actors from diff. movie over corpse upstairs
5. Color pic of woman with hands over ears over yellow colorized shot of lawn zombies


Collection of Jeff Carney
1. Cemetery zombie closeup in lightning flash
2. Zombies advancing
3. Zombies seen from behind (naked ghoul)
4. Helen dead closeup face shot

Collection of Jeff Carney
All cards have the left images and the lower right image in colorized form.
1.  Zombies seen from back
2. Zombies in day for night shot
3. Zombies seen from front (Eastman zombie on right)
4. Ben with rifle in window