Effects For Romero Films:

1977 Martin (star)
1979 Dawn of the Dead (cameo)
1981 Knightriders (star)
1982 Creepshow (cameo)
1985 Day of the Dead (uncredited cameo as ghoul)
1988 Monkey Shines
1989 Two Evil Eyes

Film Effects Without George Romero

1974 Death Dream
1974 Deranged
1980 Friday the 13th
1980 Maniac (cameo)
1981 Midnight
1981 Eyes of a Stranger
1982 The Prowler
1982 Alone in the Dark
1982 Till Death Do We Scare
1983 Maria's Lovers
1984 Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
1985 Invasion U.S.A.
1986 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

1989 Heartstopper (star)
1990 Red Scorpion 2
1991 Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburgh
1992 Backstreet Justice
1993 Killing Zoe
1993 Trauma
1996 Mr. Stitch
1997 Ghostwriter

Director of:
  Tales From the Darkside (TV) 1984 "Inside the Closet"
1985 "Halloween Candy" and 1987 "Family Reunion"
1990 Night of the Living Dead

Films That Almost Were

1965 Whine of the Fawn (star)
1988 Dreams (unfinished screenplay)
1999 Vampirates (screenplay/director)


1987 The Ripper
1987 Creepshow 2
1992 Innocent Blood
1995 From Dusk Till Dawn TIll
1995 The Demolitionist

Video Appearances

1981 Document of the Dead
1986 Fangoria's Scream Greats Vol. 1
1987 Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors
1988 Drive-In Madness
1994 Zombie Jamboree

TV Appearances

1982 Nightcap (PBS)
1983-87 Late Night With David Letterman
1989 Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show
1989 Good Morning America (on set of Two Evil Eyes)
1991 Joe Bob Briggs Drive In Theatre (The Movie Channel)
1994 Movie Magic "Tricksters of Tinseltown" (Discovery Channel)
2001 Behind the Screams (Independent Film Channel)

Music Video Effects

1986 Twisted Sister/Alice Cooper-"Be Krool To Your Skuel" (cameo)

Books (besides Grande Illusions I and II and Savini: Wizard of Gore)

Bloodscent (intro only)
1992 Still Dead: Book of the Dead II (intro only) ed. Craig Skipp, John Spector