George  A. Romero's Trilogy of the Dead - UK (Anchor Bay Ent. UK        ) 9-2-02
Cover based on the UK Dawn artwork. 4 R2 DVD set: Night 30th anniversary edition (with extras), Dawn 139m edition (same as BMG with commentary), Day (with featurette, teaser), Document of the Dead, Night 25th anniversary documentary, stills and booklet with color photos from my personal collection. 

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George A. Romero's Trilogy of the Dead Limited Collector's Box
Germany R2 DVD (Astro NF 66666-VI) 12-10-00
5 DVD boxed set of the Trilogy. Limited to 500 numbered sets.
537 min, HiFi-Mono, 5 DVD's, T-Shirt, Baseball cap and Zombie Foto-Booklet.
The DVD's are:
1) Night of the Living Dead
2) Zombie: Dawn of the Dead
3) Zombie: Dawn of the Dead (Final Cut)
4) Day of the Dead
5) Trilogy of the Dead (The Making)

Germany PAL VHS
4 VHS boxed set of the Trilogy. Limited to 1000 numbered sets.
537 min, HiFi-Mono, 4 videos, T-Shirt, Baseball cap, Zombie Foto-Booklet.
The PAL VHS videos are:
1) Night of the Living Dead
2) Zombie: Dawn of the Dead (Final Cut)
3) Day of the Dead
4) Trilogy of the Dead (The Making)

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SCREAM GREATS The Fangoria Video Magazine Series 
Volume One: TOM SAVINI, Master of Horror Effects

VHS Tapes:
US (Paramount Home Video/Starlog Video 2368) 1986
52 mins. Tom Savini has created some of the scariest makeup and most bloodcurdling special effects in horror movie history. You've gasped at his work in Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead, Maniac and Creepshow. And now, Tom demonstrates exactly how he does it in this fascinating, often humorous program.

Scream Greats highlights Tom's goriest moments -- from splattering shotgun blasts and vicious machete attacks, to gruesome flesh-eating zombies. And you'll love every disgusting minute of it.

Directed by Damon Santostefano, Produced by Linda Laias, Cover art by Kirk Reinert

Japan (Mount Light Home Video RVE-8) 5-21-86
Same except has extra DAY pic on back.

US (Paramount Home Video)
Japan (Mount Light Home Video RKE-8)

NTSC Laserdiscs:
US (Paramount Home Video LV2368) 1986
CAV;  17 chapters.

Japan (Mount Light Home Video) 5-21-86
Same disc albeit subtitled, same cover but with diff. DAY pics on back.
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US 23x32 Video

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Grande Illusions: A Learn By Example Guide to the Art and Technique of Special Effects Makeup
by Tom Savini with introductory notes by Stephen King and George Romero (Imagine ISBN: 0-911137-00-9) 1983
136pp.  Also released unauthorized by Harmony (Crown Publishers) as Bizarro! (as seen on David Letterman). Covers Dawn of the Dead. Orig. sold for $9.95. Reprinted in 1984, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993.
A hardcover ltd. edition, bookmark, matchbook and t-shirt also exist.

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Grande Illusions Book II
by Tom Savini (Morris Costumes  no ISBN #?) 1997
104pp. Chapters on Day of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead 1990.

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The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh: The Films of George A. Romero
By Paul R. Gagne (Dodd, Mead and Co.  ISBN: 0-396-09088-5) 1987
Pressed as a red leatherbound hardcover with Romero and Gagne signatures included on first page with red slipcase-Ltd. Edition of 350. Orig. sold for $125.00.

Softcover trade edition (Dodd, Mead & Co. ISBN 0-396-08520-2) 236pp.  Cover has still of Gagne and friends in zombie makeup from Day of the Dead on front. Orig. sold for $14.95. Intro by Tom Allen.

Savini, Wizard of Gore
By Paul J. Brown & Nigel J. Burrell (Midnight Media, UK) 1997

Foreward by William Lustig. 74 pages.

The Horror Movies Vol. 3 (Japan)
ISBN: 4-7648-1338-6