DAY OF THE DEAD still has not been released on video properly to date. The brightest and crispest print is the 1998 Japanese cut (an edited for TV version). The problem is that it is not unedited. The best SOUNDING version is the out of print Japanese laserdisc from 1986, which is true stereo and is a completely different viewing experience for the mere fact that the soundtrack is balanced, coming from the additional channels and the film is even more dynamic and claustrophobic when the characters voices echo and resonate throughout the cave in a more natural way.

The Elite laserdisc I wouldn't have purchased had it not contained a behind the scenes video journal. In fact I proposed this feature to Elite when they ready to release it with just a teaser and a featurette. The DVD has much better picture (although still not as defined as the Japanese cut). The laserdisc and the Anchor Bay DVD are the same print although I saw more right information in the DVD than the laserdisc, which is pretty grainy. 

The 2003 Anchor Bay special edition is the best looking uncut version.

102m: Media video print: dark, bad transfer, uncut., actually runs 100m. Fullscreen so includes some top and bottom picture not in the Anchor Bays. The stereo Japanese laserdisc of 1986 cut a second out of the machete arm chop scene (where it makes contact). UFDC leader starts the film. No Soundtrack title at end.
USA: July 30, 1988 Saturday Nightmares and 1989 Up All Night USA Network broadcast: Not widescreen. Video print (dark, undetailed). 97m.
Pr: Japanese Producer’s Cut/TV print: Not widescreen. Nice transfer (Bright, detailed). Dubbed dialogue, 97m. Zombies look a bit too greenish, and the blood bright red at times.
102m: Anchor Bay’s 1998 remastered, widescreen transfer. Aside from top/bottom information missing, this is marred by an overly bright picture (leaving out the saturation in other prints). Besides a teaser being incorrectly mentioned as being a trailer. The Behind the Scenes featurette follows the Soundtrack Available title at the end. It runs about 15m and is made up of scenes from the 65m work print. No UFDC leader. 
2003: The bestlooking print of all, this transfer restored the UFDC leader. Uncut, but with minor dialogue changes left in from the TV print which this was sourced from. 

100m/2003: UFDC leader with sound. Video Treasures (including foreign videos) do not include this leader.
USA: Hal Roach Studios Presents leader instead of UFDC.
Pr: No sound to the UFDC leader. Subtitle for calendar and newspaper headline.

100m: Sarah by helicopter, says "Then we’re shit out of luck."
USA: Deleted line. Jumps to "they’re getting too riled up."
Pr: Dubbed in line, "Then we’re just out of luck".
100m: Miguel says in helicopter "This whole fuckin’ unit is collapsing…everyone except you….I know you’re strong. So what?"
USA: Deleted line. After he asks "Collapsing from stress?" it jumps to Miguel leaving the chopper.
Pr: Dubbed in line, " The whole front unit is collapsing…(real dialogue)….so what if you are?"
100m: John tells Sarah, "They’re gonna come up behind you and bite off your ass. This is bullshit what we’re doing here. It’s crazy."
USA: Deleted line.
Pr: Dubbed in line, "…they’re gonna come up behind you and bite off your head…this is dumb what we’re doing here…"
100m: John tells Sarah, "Shit…I could do this even if part of this was going on."
USA: "Shit" deleted.
Pr/2003: Dubbed in word, "Right…(I could…")

100m/USA: John says to Miller, "You got that right, mon."
Pr: Dubbed in line, "Damn right mon."
100m: Rickles in golf cart says "We gotta bring in two more dumbfucks. Let’s go."
USA: Deleted word. Jumps to "Let’s go."
Pr: Dubbed in line, "We gotta bring in two more dirtbags."
100m: Sarah says "Christ. I’ll go."
USA: "Christ" deleted.
Pr: Dubbed in line, "It is!" (her own response to her saying it’s (the corral) too dangerous for two men)
100m/USA: Rickles and Steel dialogue while en route to the corral is inaudible but there’s coarse language of course.
Pr: One of the men’s lines are dubbed in, "Say bye bye puss brains!" as they head out and Sarah looks at the men in front of her heading towards the Ritz.

100m: Let’s go you dumbfucks, get over here! Hey! Here we are!
USA: Steel’s calls start with "get over here!" The other profanity cut and jumps to Miguel dropping pole before ghouls arrive. Sarah saying "Jesus" is deleted. Miguel’s "goddamn" pole line is deleted. Steel’s continuous cursing is replaced by extending his laughs. "You almost fuckin’ killed Rickles" is deleted. Sarah saying "Goddammit!" is deleted.
Pr: Steel: Let’s go you dirtbags. Come on, come on, come on. Come on, you monkeys…what the hell’s the matter with ya?
Steel: (making gestures) Come on you slime faces…see what I got for you?
(to Sarah): Right better meat than back in the cave.
Rickles: It means you’re a caveman that’s what. You’re a dumb throwback. Throwbacks all got big heads.
Sarah: He’s freaking out, look at him. (instead of "he’s collapsing for Christsakes")
Miguel: Let go of the damn pole.
Steel: Dirt bags…hey nice haircut..
When Steel is yelling at Miguel, the word "fuckin’" is removed and replaced with:
"You lousy monkey! You lousy yellow monkey!"

Captive zombies in lab:
USA: Finger gesture deleted and cursing
Pr: Rickles: I hope you rot. (his finger gesture is seen and even has a subtitle)

Sarah’s cubicle:
USA: Miguel’s line deleted. Jumps to Sarah turning with needle. Miguel: You made me look like a jerk…you made me feel like a nothing.

Meeting room with Rhodes:
USA: Starts with Fisher saying "Half the work we do…" Steels’ "Fuckin A" deleted. Rhodes’ saying his line about risking asses is deleted and jumps to Steel’s gun cocking. His interjection of "no shit!" is deleted and it continues with his laughing. Steel saying "spics" is deleted.
Steel supports Rhodes saying "Fuckin’ A", Rhodes says "just what the hell it is my men are risking their asses for?" ; Steel interjects Sarah with "No shit!"; "You son of a bitch"; "Fuck you sir!"
Steel: (interjects "Thats right" instead of "Fuckin A") Rhodes : …risking their necks for? Steel: "No kidding."
Sarah: Don’t you care about that? (instead of "You son of a bitch")
Sarah: Yes sir, go to hell sir.

Fisher and Sarah in hall:
100m: Fisher tells Sarah "I thought Cooper was an asshole.."
USA: Lines deleted. Starts with Fisher saying "We could be in real trouble."
Pr: Fisher’s dubbed in "I thought Cooper was a jerk…"

Operating Theatre:
USA: Deleted are the guts of the dissected corpse spilling onto the floor, and the blood running down the face of the drilled head.
Pr: Cut scenes: dissected corpse, closer up shot of brain as its charged, guts spilling, Logan drilling, Sarah retching.

Meeting Room:
100m: Steel: Lay off the fuckin’ booz for a while, why dont ya? And get somebody on that fuckin’ horn, pronto!
Billy: …I’ll have to lay off the fuckin’ booz Steel cuz there wont fuckin’ be any of it fuckin left.
USA: Starts with Billy saying "long range or short, high band or low…"
Deleted are Steel’s booz line, .and his subsequent cursing. His whole line about "keep it up and I’ll shove that…" is deleted. Rhodes’ saying "I wanna know if you’re doing something that’s gonna help us out of this deep shit we’re in or…" and Rickles’ "yellow dick" joke both deleted. It just cuts to the soldiers laughing.
Fisher’s "Goddammit!" deleted. Rhodes’ saying "You think I’m fuckin’ around Steel?" is deleted. "This ain’t a goddamn field trip people…" is deleted. His lines about dumbfucks next door and shooting them in the heads is deleted. The scene jumps to Logan entering "No…we let them overrun us.." When Rhodes explodes at Logan, a shot of Logan looking at Fisher is spliced in the exact moment Rhodes’ would have said "Fuck". "Piss" and "asshole" are deleted from Rhodes’ next line. All the "looney bin" dialogue deleted. Rhodes’ line has "shit" deleted. In the moment that Rhodes’ says "fer Chrissakes" they dubbed over the line Sarah exclaims "It was very Rushed." Rickles blurting "bullshit!" deleted. Rhodes’ saying "fucks" in his next lines cut out.

Steel: Lay off all the booz and get somebody on that horn.
Billy: …there wont be any of the booz left.
Steel: (You’re best aint good enough) so lay off! (instead of asshole!)
Steel: (we dont appreciate) your lousy jokes…(keep it up and) you’ll find that bottle of yours broken on your head.
Rhodes: I wanna know if you’re doing something to help us out of this deep mess we’re in or if you’re all in there just jerking each other around.
Rickles: She doesn’t have to Captain, she’s got all kinds of needles to get off on..hey baby, stick me and I’ll start to sing!
Fisher: (God cut out) Dammit
Rhodes: You think I’m fooling around Steel?
Rhodes says "This ain’t a god damn field trip, people. This is a fuckin’ war!
Rhodes: "This ain’t a damn field trip people. This is a real war. Where does it say we gotta keep those dirtbags next door.."
Steel interjects with "You’re right Rhodes!"
Rhodes: I wanna know what you’ve done with my time?
Rhodes: I’m gonna have my men blast every one of those … and leave you and your hi-falutin gang of friends to rot…
Steel: ..filthy looney bin.
Rhodes: Now you’re telling me that you don’t have the junk you need?… (We’re running low on men)..we’ve lost a dozen!
Sarah’s speech about survivors redubbed to cover up profanity by soldiers in backgorund.
Rhodes: …and you better not make me mad. (Understand?)…and anybody fiddles with my commands…(instead of fucks with my commands)

100m: Miguel says to Sarah "You’re full of shit, you know that, Sarah? You’re really full of shit. I’m through with you."
USA: The guts once again do not spill and hit the floor. The above line is deleted.
Pr: The actual nightmare is deleted completely. Sarah just wakes up from a dream. Miguel’s line is dubbed to "You’re full of it…you’re really full of it."

Billy and Sarah in hall:
100m: Sarah says to Billy about the brandy "Shit for the heart and eats up your liver."

USA: Dubbed in word, "Good for the heart and eats up your liver."
Pr: Dubbed in line, "Sure for the heart…"

100m: John says "Who’s ever gonna give a shit?" "Maybe he figured we was getting too big for our britches trying to figure his shit out."
USA: First one is deleted. The other deletes the last part of the sentence.
Pr: The first line is dubbed over with "Are we ever gonna care?" The second is dubbed in, "…trying to figure his creations out.."

Beef Treats:
100m: Fisher says "you son of a bitch!" as he tries to control the captive zombie. "Dammit! It’s no good. It’s no fuckin’ good" he adds. Sarah says about the zombie eating the beef treats, "Shit I wouldn’t either."
USA: "Dammit!" is the only word intact besides "it’s no good." "Shit" is deleted.
Pr: Fisher’s dubbed lines are "You lousy dirtbag! It’s no good at all." "Shit…" is deleted.

100m: When Rhodes is asked to salute Bub, he says "Salute my ass." Fisher reacts to Bub’s gun toting with "Jesus.. Christ."
USA: Rhodes’ ass line is deleted. Fisher’s line is deleted.
Pr: Rhodes’ ass line is dubbed over with " I’m doing nothing!" Fisher’s line is dubbed with " Unbelievable! He knows!"

Meeting Room:
100m: Rhodes shouts "What the fuck is wrong with you people? They’re dead! They’re fuckin’ dead.."; "Is this the shit that is supposed to knock our socks off?"
USA: The scene starts with "I don’t want them to do anything but drop over!" Deleted is "shit" from his socks line.
Pr: Dubbed lines, "What have you done with those people? They’re dead! those freaks are dead…"; "Is this the thing that is supposed to knock our socks off?"

Johnson/Miller’s Death/Miguel’s Bite:
USA: Johnson’s death is intact, only the last tearing shot of Miguel’s bite is deleted. Miller is shown getting shot but not his head squib. The actual chop to Miguel’s arm is deleted.
Pr: Deleted are bites, Miller’s lines and death, arm chop/stub burning.

100m: Billy says "Jesus, Mary and Joseph." When the soldiers are heard approaching. Steel says "It’s his yellow fuckin’ fault…Get out of the way bitch.."; "We just lost 2 men cuz of this motherfucker." Rhodes says "That’s bullshit, lady." "From now on you ain’t gettin’ shit from me and my men." Steel tells John "You’re on my shit list, flyboy."
USA: Yellow fault line deleted. "Bitch" and "motherfucker" deleted and Bullshit line is deleted, it goes right to "I’ve seen a thousand of them.." "Shit" deleted from Rhodes’ line. "Shit list" deleted.
Pr: Billy’s redubbed to "Oh the poor guy."
Steel’s redubbed to "He deserves to be offed..get out of the way…" ; "We just lost two men because of this pervert." Rhodes is redubbed to "That’s hogwash, lady." "From now on, you ain’t gettin’ nothin’ from me and my men." Steel’s redubbed to "You’re on my list, flyboy."

Johnson’s Head in the Lab:
Pr: Deleted are all shots of Johnson’s head.

Bub’s Meal:
100m/USA: Sarah says "oh Jesus, it can’t be.." when she sees the bucket of bloody parts.
Pr/2003: Deleted are all scenes of Bub eating out of bucket. Sarah’s lines are dubbed over, "I can’t look…"

Logan’s Death:
USA: The shots getting fired into Logan’s body deleted. "All their fucking guns!" deleted.
Pr: Logan’s death scene is intact! Rhodes is dubbed over with "All of their guns!"

Fisher’s Death:
100m: Rhodes warns John "Unless you get your black ass out here…"; "You give me any shit about it, I blow his head off." And "Now you get your shit together whatever you need." Billy says "Jesus, Mary and Joseph" while in cage.
USA: First one is deleted. Second has "shit" deleted. Fisher’s death intact.
Pr: Dubbed in lines, "Unless you get your body out of here, flyboy." And "You give me any static about it I blow his head off." Fisher’s death is intact. "Now you get your gear together whatever you need." Billy’s dubbed line is "Oh I don’t want to think about it, Sarah." (in response to her saying the zombies will tear them apart).

Steel bullies John:
100m: Rhodes says not to shoot John and that "We need his ass." He orders Steel to kick him around because "it might knock some sense into that jungle bunny head." When he sees Sarah and Billy escaping into the cave he says "Run you fuckin’ lunatics."
USA: Lines deleted. Third line is there but "fuckin’" deleted.
Pr: Dubbed in lines, "We need the idiot." And "it might knock some sense into that jumbled head." "That’s it, run you freaky pussbags."

Elevator interruption:
100m: Steel hears the siren and says "Christ, that’s the elevator."
USA: "Christ" deleted.
Pr: Dubbed line, "You hear it? That’s the elevator."

Sarah and Billy in cave:
USA: Deleted is the shoveled head rolling away.
Pr: Billy says "Oh lord" instead of his lines. Deleted is the shovel decapitation and all head on ground scenes. His "this way" line was dubbed also at the end of the scene.

At the elevator:
100m: Steel says "I swear! Someone took this apart." ; "Jesus" as he looks up at the elevator. "It’s the fucking spic that did this." Rhodes wakes up and says "bastard" when he finds John took his guns.
USA: "Jesus" deleted and the rest of the scene is deleted when Rickles says "Fix it. Can’t you fix it?" Rhodes’ line is deleted.
Pr: Dubbed line, "Damn! Someone took this apart." And "We’re stuck."; "The freaking spic did this. He tore the box apart." Rhodes’ dubbed line when he wakes up is "Smart guy."

John in the cave:
USA: Zombie gore intact except for the blood running down the face of the last zombie shot.
Pr: Deleted are the first and last zombies shot by John. The one before last you don’t see the second blast.

Soldiers reunite:
100m: Steel shouts "fuck!" when he gets an electrical shock repairing the box. Steel explains to Rhodes, "The spic. He ripped the controls out the little yellow bastard." Rhodes comments, "The spic. He tried to make a run for it."
USA: Deleted is "fuck!" in the power box scene. Then Steel’s line is edited to "He ripped the controls out." Rhodes’ line is edited to "He tried to make a run for it."
Pr: Steel’s dubbed lines are "damn!" in the box scene, "The spic. He tore the controls out the mother."
Rhodes’ dubbed lines are "He did it because of  her."

Miguel’s Death:
100m: When Steel sees the zombies on the elevator he says "Holy shit! Holy fuckin’ shit!"
USA: Steel’s lines are deleted.
Pr: A few closeups of ghouls are deleted. Neck bite rippings are too. Steel’s lines, "Holy (shit deleted)…(dubbed in) We gotta get out of here."

The men regroup:
100m: Steel yells’ Rhodes! You bastard!"
USA: Deleted line after "Rhodes!"
Pr: Dubbed line, "Rhodes! Come back here!"

Torrez’s Death:
100m/USA: Intact.
Pr: Torrez’s head is not shown being ripped off completely as he screams.

Rickles’ Death:
100m: Rickles nervously cries "Shit!" while evading the zombies in the cave.
USA: All the "shit" lines are deleted but the gore and closeups are there except for the last laugh.
Pr: "Oh shit" is now dubbed in "Oh Damn!" His death is deleted once he is taken away by zombies.

Steel’s Death:
100m: Steel trying to get in the locked complex door, shouts "Goddammit Rhodes! Open the door you son of a bitch! Rhodes!!"
USA: Steel’s scene is intact except for the deleted line he shouts at the door to the complex. He just says "Rhodes!" Also deleted is the "pussbrain bag of shit" line he says while Bub is behind the door of the lab room.
Pr: Scene starts with Steel firing last shot from his handgun then taking out his M-16. At the locked complex door, the dubbed line "Open the door! Go on! Open it!" Dubbed in also is "pussbrain dirtbag" instead of "pussbrain bag of shit" while Bub is behind the lab door. Deleted is Steel’s neck bite and all shots fired to heads.

100m: Two zombies appear in the silo.
USA: The first zombie’s head blast is edited (the pus pouring out). The second is not edited.
Pr: Zombie scenes deleted. Like nothing ever happened.

Rhodes’ Death:
100m: Rhodes calls Bub "You fuck!" or "Puss fuck!" numerous times.
USA: Deleted profanity. "Come on!" lines are still in there. The scene is cut after the first second or so of Rhodes getting pulled apart. The zombies dragging his legs down hall are deleted, but the shot of the dead walking back up the hall after he dies is intact.
Pr: Dubbed lines, "You freak!" or "You pussbag!"
(Note: No subtitle when he says "come on!" near the door)

USA: Deleted are the shots of the intestine fight, the blood splattering on the lab wall, dog tag chef zombie, zombies eating by machinery.
Pr: Deleted is the entire feast scene. It picks up with ghoul walking by fence and fade-in to fence on surface.

Very End:
100m/USA: Sarah says at the gate, "Oh my God!"
Pr: Dubbed in line, "They better have." (in response to the guys filling the gas tank). Subtitle for calendar date.

End Titles:
Pr: Like on the first Japanese laserdisc, vocals removed from theme. "Saturn Soundtrack available" title at the end.
2003: No soundtrack title.