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Six prop newspapers were made, unknown number of souvenir versions were also given to extras.  The souvenir version is commonly thought to be only one page, like the one in the Anchor Bay featurette. But I have an uncrumpled souvenir copy as well and it is completely identical to the aged prop paper. People have wondered why none have surfaced for sale. Good question. I think it is because most people received them autographed by the crew, and while that is valuable to them, it does not make for a good thing to copy.

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Corral Scale Model  
Designed by Cletus Anderson. The capturing pen that blocks the corral off from the truck corridors was based off of a model built by production designer Cletus Anderson. This 3 ft. x 1.5 ft. piece was made out of wood, with coarse textured foam ‘cave walls’ on the side. It even has a working sliding door, simulated wire fence meshing and a few scale figures made of paper. The actual prop was destroyed after the shoot.

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Background zombie masks (diff. styles)
Made by David Smith. Considering hundreds were made in about 8 styles and customized with hair, wounds, etc. they shouldn't be regarded as super-rare. The people with these, including crew persons, extras and mask collectors, usually don't part with them.

40x60 framed picture of photographed zombie faces
One of three produced. As seen in Scream Greats video and Grande Illusions II (except that one was really scratchy).

Miguel's amputated and bitten arm
One of four or five made, this one is hairless.