(Note: The downbeat original ending has never been released and the man who claims to own it has not proven it. In the meantime, some cast claim it exists, still others like George Romero steadfastly maintain it was never shot.)

140m-US nontheatrical print; an early cut for the Cannes film festival.
(Gaga video and laserdisc in Japan; Elite Entertainment video and laserdiscs; Anchor Bay VHS and DVDS; BMG PAL in UK)
126m-US theatrical print. (Anchor Bay Entertainment EP budget video; out-of-print Thorn EMI Video-reissued on HBO/Cannon; HBO/Weintraub; Republic ; out-of-print Image Entertainment; out-of-print Republic (Lumiere Pictures) laserdiscs.
128m-Anchor Bay's theatrical cut (the 126m version with a few scenes spliced in)
114m-Foreign "ZOMBIE"; available on Dutch prints (IN DE GREEP VAN DE ZOMBIES) or French Rene Chateau Video SECAM; also available in a murky Japanese version from Gaga Perfect Collection). Subtitles.
109m-German "ZOMBIE" on VPS Video PAL. Dubbed in German. A version a lot like this one aired in Japanese TV in 1984 and featured a disclaimer before the film that explains how a meteor caused the dead to rise.
119m-British "ZOMBIES" originally (on out-of-print Intervision PAL). DAWN OF THE DEAD on 4 Front Video.
156m-Basically more like 150m, this is a composite made by German group not an actual print. Aka ZOMBIES IM KAUFHAUS.

The frenzied Rescue Station WGON-TV sequence:
140m:    The mood is slowed down by just some occasional library tracks. There are seemingly endless credits appearing over faces and on teleprompter readouts (the grips are all credited here but no other stars are!). Dr. Foster's dialogue is heard clearer as the Goblin score is gone and the crowd's mixed in lower. His lines are longer especially when he's explaining about the National Guard. This is all said before the characters of Fran and Stephen meet up near the teleprompter.
126m: The first difference is the mood set by Goblin's faster "Dawn of the Dead" track. When the film title comes on in its rather generic font there's a power-rock surge to give it some punch. The library tracks are still heard and are finely intertwined with the Goblin score (which is not on any soundtrack!)The crowd voices are louder; the extra lines are cut and the scene where Dr. Foster explains about the National Guard's actions is moved in right before the SWAT raid sequence begins making a nice segue way.
114m:    The title says "ZOMBIE" with the American title under it (these are in standard font). The most intact opening sequence is here accompanied by the track "Dawn of the Dead". Fran replies to the claim that we're losing it: "Not to the enemy, we're blowin' it ourselves." When Fran goes to get new rescue station lists Charlie says "I'm doing what I can; these are definite as of now". When Givens is about to walk in the console room, there's a brief closeup of Fran as well as some shots of the women saying about Givens screaming, "he doesn't even know he's on the air." Mr. Berman's lines include "it's hard enough to believe without you coming in here and telling us that we have to forget all human dignity." Dr. Foster says "Well, there's several things we know for sure…you asked why they kill…they kill for food…" Someone throws papers in Foster's face and he yells back at them. After Stephen enters, Foster continues "should we be unable to check the spread because of the emotional attitudes of the citizenry toward these issues of morality.."
109m: The title "ZOMBIE" appears in the white splashy font it is written in on the poster. Cast and crew are in a tall block style font. Same as the 114m.
119m: Same as 126m except before Fran wakes the film turns pale blueish and an inserted title graphic reads ZOMBIES or has the DAWN OF THE DEAD logo lifted from the DAY OF THE DEAD trailer.

The SWAT raid sequence:
140m: First a moon is seen in the night sky outside a Philadelphia tenement building.
The SWAT Commander says "we don't any of them hurt and neither do you." Cut is "looks like they're really gonna try and fight us". Roger is seen saying the Commander's words before he says them to the people holed up inside. When the men begin putting on their gas masks, Roger puts his on and hesitates entering the tenement. There's a shot of the men entering the door into the building's stairwell.
126m:    No scene of the moon. It goes from the rescue station scene to the SWAT on the outside wall of the tenement building. The Commander's not seen saying "we don't want any of them hurt and neither do you" as is Roger uttering the orders. The scene of the SWATs entering the door is cut. All library music here.
114m:   No moon shot. Instead , police and fire engine siren closeups open the sequence and the Commander's entire dialogue is intact including the other man's line of "looks like they're really gonna try and fight us." When the Commander says "…and neither do you" a shot of National Guardsmen scurrying past a vehicle is seen. A brief shot of the dead rookie officer falling over Roger is cut. The Commander yells "move in!" There is no music here. Credits end before Fran starts yelling at people in the station.
109m: No moon, a few siren closeups are cut. Rookie falling onto Roger cut a bit. Credits end before Fran starts yelling again. Otherwise same as 114m.
119m: Same as 126m except all shots to the head and the scene of a few guys getting shot is cut.

Inside the Tenement sequence:
140m and 126m:
Both have the National Guardsmen in a room with a lady whose lit candles on the table are bumped over. Different angles in this scene.
114m:    "Zombie" is played instead of library tracks in this sequence. Very suspenseful and intense drama. Alternate shot of the candles in the room scene. In the room with the zombie woman Roger and a SWAT are fighting, Roger says "throw her on the couch!" right before they shoot her. Later he asks the distraught officer if he's alright.
109m: The scenes of the exploding head and where the zombie Miguel bites the lady's neck, arm are cut. All shots to the head of zombies are cut. Includes Roger consoling the distraught officer.
119m: Same as 126m except exploding head and Wooley being shot is cut. Shots of the headless corpse on floor removed. Zombies shot in head once again cut. Bite by Miguelito zombie into woman's neck is cut so no chunk is seen tearing away and the arm bite is removed entirely.

The Basement where Roger and Peter meet:
Roger's line "he does traffic reports for GON" is cut out. When the SWATs strike the boarded up doorway they are instantly swarmed with zombie arms punching through. When the two stumble into the zombie dump and Peter runs out of bullets, Roger shoots and then Peter nods to him to finish off other ghouls. The last shot goes right into Stephen's Helicopter light as it lands. Light library music again.
126m:    Same except the zombies punching through the boards is dramatized more by the Goblin power-rock surge. The shooting scene in the zombie dump contains the Goblin score first heard in the rescue station sequence. Omits the silent agreement between the two officers as the National Guardsmen opening the hatch is edited right after the first shot by Roger. The sequence goes into a shot setting up Stephen finding the dead operator at the police dock.
114m:   Roger says "he does traffic reports for GON" to Peter. All lines intact here. "Dawn" is heard when the priest walks in. The arms don't punch through the boards instantly and there's a couple of closeups of the SWAT in between. There's more gore in the shooting scene even though the scene where Roger takes over shooting and Peter walks off is cut. The pulsating bass riff by Goblin is here though and the scene cuts into the helicopter light like in the 140m.
109m: The arms punching through scene is like the 114m but there's just the sound of the action afterwards and as soon as it switches Peter finds the zombie dump we hear the faster "Dawn of the Dead" theme. All zombie shots removed except for the ones in the white sheets squirming.
119m: Same as 126m except zombie shots removed. Not even a closeup of "Pizzahead".

The Police Dock Sequence:
  The entire 3m24s sequence is found only in this version. It includes the confrontation between police officers and Fran and Stephen. One of the officers is played by DAY OF THE DEAD's Joe Pilato whose dialogue recalls that film. The only missing bit is the fact that when Stephen picks up the radio receiver of the dead operator he is supposed to repeat "operator dead; post abandoned" .
126m: A bit of character development is missing here as the confrontation was cut and
most viewers really into the film seem to know there's something weird about this scene. The way the sequence starts gives some people the impression that Stephen killed the operator (you don't see him entering and finding him there dead). Also cut is the repeated line by Stephen.
114m/109m: The confrontation is cut out but the helicopter landing is intact as well as Stephen's repeated line. Some shots of Fran by the helicopter and Stephen in the dockhouse are cut out as well.

The Four in the Helicopter at the Dock:
More dialogue between Fran and Peter in the helicopter as Peter explains he's leaving some brothers behind. They all talk about who they're leaving behind.
126m: Peter's dialogue about the brothers he's leaving is gone.
114m/109m: The entire dialogue is over after Peter says "some brothers". It goes right to the next morning.

Morning in the Helicopter Over the Rural Area:
   "Dawn of the Dead"'s atmospheric and apocalyptic score is heard in this scene
inside the cockpit. Stephen falling asleep is cut down a bit; a shot of Peter looking through the window is cut out when Stephen says "those rednecks are probably enjoying the whole thing." Instead the posse of gunmen down below is seen. The music fades out early so that another song -"Cause I'm a Man" by Peter Reno comes in though it's mixed in lower than the voices and gunfire. There is an alternate angle of the man getting bandaged near a female cop. After the glimpse of the woman with the paper cups stack, there's another glimpse of two men talking.
126m/120m: This print and the 140m both have a shot of Fran's face looking down at the explosion in the field. Both do not have the cloud shot seen in the 114m's sequence.
114m/109m:    No mood music is heard; Stephen's seen falling asleep more times. Instead of his rednecks line he says "we're better off if we keep away from the big cities." Then Peter is seen looking out the window. Dario Argento felt that European audiences wouldn't get some jokes so he had alternate dialogue recorded. There's a different angle of the posse walking past the Army soldiers. After the first shot of the bandaged man and before the K-9 dogs bark, the glimpse of two men walking past cops. The lady with the cups is cut out as well as the two men talking shot like in the US print. Unique to this version is an aerial view of the cloud from the explosion in the field as seen by Fran looking out the window. There's no face shot of Fran here though. Goblin's "Target Shooting" is a country-like track with fiddles , giving a similar feel to that of the US scene.

The Airfield Sequence:
140m:   The landing of the helicopter is complete until the point where Stephen asks "to where?" responding to a question of where everyone went after they hit the gas pumps.
Roger's scenes of pumping gas are intact. But the helicopter zombie scene is complete here. Exclusive in this print is the scene after the zombie dies, in which Stephen is seen getting a rifle out of the copter and Roger seeing him, runs after him. The charthouse being entered by Peter omits a few scenes though. After Peter threatens to shoot Stephen outside he helps him get up off the ground.
126m:    Weird electronic wurbling sound effects accompany the landing scene here. The scene of Stephen getting the rifle out of the copter is missing. Also cut is Stephen being helped up by Peter. One commonality to these US prints is the scene where Peter fires at the door in the charthouse and Stephen hearing it in the hangar runs out.
114m:    The shots of the airplanes in the airfield are cut out. Instead of music there's just the loud buzz of the chopper. The sequence starts as they landed and includes the lines by Stephen after he says "to where?…where the hell are they going?" Peter is seen
saying to himself "where the hell are we going?" The helicopter zombie scene is missing completely and this print has every other ounce of gore intact! The ghoul doesn't even show up! While Peter is in the charthouse there are some complete scenes (as "Edge of Madness", a Goblin track of siren-like synthesizer noises, is heard): he's seen in the dark turning on the light, walking toward the table and sitting down. Also different from the other prints is the children zombies' scene where Peter shoots and they immediately come out as "Zombie" comes on. This happens after Stephen runs into the zombies at the hangar (the scene also uses "Zombie". The gunfire at the door was supposed to be the reason why Stephen runs out of the hangar. When his ordeal is over, the children ordeal was to begin. So the logistics was out the door as well as the scenes of Peter grabbing the rifle, Roger's complete pump scenes and Stephen being helped up by Peter.
109m: Helicopter zombie is removed completely. Stephen' s hangar zombie scene cuts out the final blow to the head. Long haired zombie being shot is removed. The kid zombies appear briefly and are suggested to be shot when all of a sudden it cuts to the bald zombie closeup behind him getting fired at. That whole scene of loading the gun and Peter's startled look at the bald zombie entering removed!
119m: Stephen's hammering on zombie has the final blow removed. Peter shooting the children is removed. Bald zombie action intact.

Night scene in the chopper:
Stephen's scene with the map is not here. This includes all the dialogue
about the next move the characters should make.
114m/109m:    Stephen looks at a map for a second after a shot of the console. The rest of the dialogue is missing after Roger says "we gotta stay in the sticks." It ends the scene abruptly.

The Mall Landing:
    In this version, George Romero chose "Dawn of the Dead" to synchronize to the action. The scenes are identical to the 126m version which uses the 114m's music which is "Edge of Madness" (alternate take) in a droning guitar chord/bird chirp. Omits two shots in the 114m.
114m/109m:    The shot of the roof of the mall from inside the copter as its landing is unique to this print as is a shot of some zombies walking past a car in the parking lot.

The Roof Sequence:
140m/126m/119m: Peter doesn't remark "a lot of Philly's still lit" but he says "it should be nuclear". Roger is not heard saying "boxes of canned food" when they see the Civil Defense Supplies. Stephen is not seen pushing the window but asks "how do we get down there?"   
114m/109m:    Peter remarks about the generator "a lot of Philly's still lit." Peter and Roger's complete dialogue when they discover the Civil Defense Supplies in the room below is here. Stephen pushes the window but doesn't ask "how do we get down there?" Some prints that run 117m-119m contain a shot of Peter taking out his flashlight and hence the scene of the high light on the boxes that appears in the regular prints.
Inside the Room:
   Fran doesn't say "amazing" after Roger explains about the Spam.
Missing a brief shot of Roger's face after they open the door down to the stairwell. This also doesn't have a shot of Peter and a sleeping Stephen after the boxes are seen stacked against the door. But the shot of Fran entering the room where the men are is.
114m/109m:    Has all the omitted shots but omits the scene of Fran entering the room.

Peter and Roger in the Boiler Room/Office:
    After Roger and Peter go in the very loud boiler room, Fran's scene is longer than in the 114m.
114m/109m:    "Edge of Madness" accompanies the boiler room scene and the sound of the machinery is lower than it is in the US prints. Fran's scene after they enter is cut a bit.

The Corridor Sequence:
Exclusive to this print is Peter and Roger going down a corridor that leads to the mall where they look down from a balcony and see all the zombies. Roger says "it's Christmas Time down there, buddy." Peter replies "fat city, brother; how are we gonna work it?" They go back to check the keys. More Goblin music is heard that is not on any soundtrack: a kind of uplifting Gothic chant with a bell tolling.

Turning on the Mall Power:
The Muzak turned on in the mall is quite clownish sounding but perfect.
114m/109m:    The Muzak is not too goofy sounding but not terribly fitting either. The mall fountains seem to be turned up louder too.

Race to the Department Store:
140m:    Another shot of Roger looking around once the men reach the store's doors. A more complete scene of the zombie that Roger shoots coming from behind the wall. The shot of Roger aiming his M-16 is missing. Then Stephen says "Jesus Christ, they're maniacs." Less of the zombie shooting, but there's some suspenseful music in the background. When Stephen is ready to run down the stairwell he is seen (presumably waiting for the cue) hesitating . His line "it's all right" is cut out. The zombie in the suit that Roger shoots is shown taking the shot in the head then it goes to Fran calling "Stephen for God's sake!" The 126m version cuts out the sight of the shot in the head and goes right to the Fran scene.
114m:    Roger aiming his M-16 is included though the shot of him looking around is cut out. There is another scene of Roger shooting a zombie in the chest, then looking back at Peter who's struggling with the keys. This is followed by the scene where Stephen runs down the stairwell (without the moment of thought left out). He says "it's all right"
when he runs near the end of the steps. The scene of him saying they're maniacs is missing. The head blast of the store zombie is intact plus the men run right by the corpse on the floor. Zombies are seen smudging their faces on the windows of the door. The music for the run to the store is "Zombie" yet again. The sequence goes right into the men 'shopping' omitting the Fran scene.
109m: Zombie head blasts removed.

  Missing are shots of the men grabbing things like the TV. Stephen is seen advancing down the hall towards the boiler room. The complete entrance to the office is intact. Cut are some shots of tools being taken by Roger and Peter. There's an extra shot of zombies leaving the store windows as seen from inside the store near the wheel barrow. The glimpse of zombies walking on the steps is missing.
114m/109m:    The bass-guitar syncopated opening of the Goblin track "The Hunt" comes on as Peter and Roger are seen grabbing the TV and other goods. The scene of Stephen advancing down the hall to the boiler room. His entrance into the boiler room is trimmed too but Peter is seen coming out with the wheel barrow like in the other prints. The two are also seen getting tools off the racks.
Compared the perfectly edited US scene where Roger slides down an escalator side, the editing using the buildup part of "The Hunt" cuts a second into the next part of the track and isn't as charming as the other print's. The scene of zombies walking away from the store isn't included but an exclusive shot of zombies walking down steps in the mall is.

Stephen in the boiler room/office while Peter and Roger clear the windows:
   After Stephen looks back at the viewer when he's inside the office, there's a shot of the gathered zombies at the store window (this is rearranged in the 114m print). An alternate shot of the ghouls while Peter says "that's it…come to daddy."
The scene of Peter leaving the office is cut out, and Roger sneaking on the store floor is trimmed. A different shot of the cleared store windows.
114m/109m:    After Stephen looks back in the boiler room office, the next scene is Roger and Peter talking. The zombies are seen after Roger leaves but the shot in the US print is missing. Roger sneaks around on the store floor a bit more. Stephen is seen leaving the office. The first shot of the cleared window is cut but the next is different than the US prints (when Roger is on the walkie talkie looking out).

Stephen's boiler room zombie confrontation:
   Complete. The only difference between the two is that the 140m doesn't have the sudden 'synthesizer shriek' that shocks you as the zombie finds and grabs Stephen who was struggling with the bullets."Dawn of the Dead" plays for the time that Stephen struggles with the zombie. Stephen is seen getting up and walking away after the ordeal. Both have the creepy synthesizer chords in the beginning.
114m:    The sequence starts after the face of the zombie is supposed to be shown. It's missing a few shots of the zombie and "Edge of Madness" doesn't carry the atmosphere that the other print has. Stephen getting up at the end is left out.
109m: The shot to the head of the boiler room zombie removed.

Race back to the corridor:
   Peter pushing the wheel barrow is edited right into the attack by the zombies in the corridor. Here "Zombie" makes its debut in the US print. During the ensuing struggle in the corridor, there's bad continuity. After Peter yells "don't open that door baby, you'll lead them right up with you…" the zombies change positions in a jump cut. The scene where Peter yells "run for it!Run this way!" should be before the approaching ghoul who gets gunned down. There's some dialogue and some zombie shots that were cut out.
114m/109m:    "Zombie" accompanies the scene of Peter pushing the wheel barrow. An exclusive shot of the Limited store and Roger killing another ghoul. The editing in the corridor scene is different leaving out the continuity error. Peter has another line here too: "you can run right through 'em! We gotta lead them away from here." While this is said, zombies are seen being drawn to the noisy commotion in the corridor from other parts in the mall.

The screwdriver scene:
The blood spilling out is removed but we do see the screwdriver approach his ear.
109m: Removed completely.

The Hare Krishna Sequence:
  There's no shot of Fran after the previous sequence. After the men run toward the store, the Hare Krishna zombie turns back toward the corridor doors that lead to their hideout. A more complete run through the mall includes Roger shooting more. Following this is a complete zombie montage accompanied by a recorded voice talking through the mall speakers. Fran's scene in the room is followed by shots of the Hare Krishna zombie entering the doors downstairs. Then there's scenes of zombies in the mall, then the men in the store figuring out what to do next. There's more shots of Fran on the steps;the zombie approaching in the hall; then the men finding the elevator.
114m/109m:   Peter yells "come on!" more in the corridor struggle. After they take off to the store, the Hare Krishna zombie is not seen turning the other way. Instead Fran is shown already on the steps. A couple of shots are cut out in the scene of the men approaching the store. "Zombie" is the soundtrack to the action as it is in the other prints but when the men see all the zombies outside the door "The Hunt"'s main melody
comes on. Two zombie shots are missing near the end of the scene. In the montage scene there is no voice though the music is loud. Fran going to the door is cut out. The scene of her sitting on the steps is cut since she's already there. Also the Hare Krishna scenes aren't here and the men don't discover the elevator here(they go right to it).

The men in the crawlspaces:
    An extra shot of Stephen looking up at Peter inside the elevator is cut out as well as the scene of him grabbing a display stand. Longer scene of Fran on the steps. Peter's crawlspace scene is shorter. A couple of shots here are not in the 114m print: Stephen looks down from the grill at the TV section of the store and Roger sees a gun store. First you see his head closely.
114m/109m: The whole scene in the elevator is intact including the shot of Stephen looking up at Peter as he enters the crawlspace and his scene picking up a stand. The shots of Stephen and Roger looking down through grills at points in the store is removed except the first angle seen by Roger. "Edge of Madness" is the background music.

The Hare Krishna zombie attacks:
   Complete scene of Fran stacking boxes against the door. The scene of Roger in the crawlspace omits dialogue in the 114m. Instead the Fran scene ensues and there's one angle in the 114m that's missing. Fran struggles first with a duffle bag (not in the 114m) and there's a full scene of Roger watching Peter going to get the wheel barrow they left in the corridor. The reaction of the zombie when Fran lights the flare is cut out. The scene of Peter quietly getting the wheel barrow is shorter then there's a back angle not seen in the 114m. Some better angles of Fran and the zombie struggle (it knocks the flare out of her hands). A brief scene of Roger at the door in the corridor and Peter coming towards the camera with the wheel barrow is here. The shots of Fran sticking the flare in the face of the zombie is cut as is the scene of her cries being heard by the others. The men pick up the ghoul's corpse to bring it outside are here too.
114m/109m: The last few angles of Fran boxing up the door are absent here, instead Roger is seen saying to Peter in the crawlspace: "Man, I sure hope you know where you're going."
There's an angle (seen looking up) of the ghoul opening the door not in the US prints. Peter's full scene of jumping down from the grill to the corridor is cut. The duffle bag struggle is missing yet the struggle with the zombie is longer (near the least shot the zombie cracks a smile!) A longer shot of Peter in the corridor and his shadow approaching the wheel barrow is longer. Peter's back angle is not included. "Zombie" accompanies the zombie action which has a few alternate angles. Jumpcutted is the flare being knocked away (the music even skips). Roger at the doorway with Peter wheelbarrowing toward the camera is missing. The flare in the zombie's face and her cries heard by the men are here but their disposal of the body isn't.

The men's conversation sequence:
A chunk of radio information is left out and starts when Stephen reveals that Fran ispregnant. The dialogue of the 'advantage' situation and Peter's "let's say the lady gets killed…you be able to chop off her head?" is missing. When Stephen walks in to see Fran he doesn't ask if she's OK (but we hear Peter and Roger talking about helicopter in between). There's more dialogue here than in the 126m like when Fran says "you're hypnotized by this place."
126m: Same except cuts out dialogue.
114m/109m: Complete dialogue except when Stephen and Fran's conversation ends with "do you?" in reference to the abortion option. It goes right to the scientist's voice over the zombie montage.

The roof scenes the next morning:
  The montage omits a couple of shots near the end as well as "the food sustains them." After the scientist says "they must be destroyed on sight" the TV commentator introduces him as Dr. Millard Roush and then Fran walks out of her bedroom area. The next scene is of the men on the roof and Roger says "the semis are big enough to block those entrances. " Stephen replies "you sure we can start em?" Omitted is Peter saying 114m's dialogue.
126m/120m:   The montage is the same but there's no intro to the scientist. After Fran walks out, the binoculars image is seen but there's different dialogue heard: Roger says "look we need to block those entrances…those trucks are the answer…put one in each door."
114m/109m: The zombie montage contains a few more shots as the scientist says "the food sustains them" at one point. The scientist's lines are seconds longer. The introduction is cut out and the roof scene starts where Stephen asks "you sure we can start em?" Roger replies "you haven't spent enough time on the street." A shot of female zombies in outside the mall that is elsewhere in the US print is seen when Peter says "let's get it up…there's not too many of our dead friends around this morning." More TV commentator dialogue about Atlanta Center For Disease Control.

  Entire sequence except Roger's "charm" lines. "The Hunt" is perfect for the scene. Features some exclusive aerial shots of the trucks entering the parking lot. Also notable is the white van mysteriously seen in the background through the window in that scene.
126m/119m:    Aerial shots in 140m gone as well as the "charm" lines in the 114m.
114m/109m:    Cut out is the scene where Fran picks up the rifle after Stephen drops it and says "I just might be able to figure out how to use it", etc. It skips badly to the roof and cuts out the TV Commentator's comment after the same scene in the US prints. The chopper rotor and the scenes of Peter and Roger making jokes on the CB is cut out. Instead the scene starts as they're already entered the parking lot and are driving back to get the second truck. Roger excitedly yells "like a fucking charm, man! …like a fucking charm!" "Zombie" is used again for the sequence.

Roger's encounter:
   Roger's encounter with the truck zombies is complete (including his delayed response to Peter after shooting the zombie woman). When the men go on their next drive, "Dawn of the Dead" kicks in awesomely. 114m's shots of the trucks and helicopter heading towards the viewer plus some parking lot runover scenes and a cloud aerial shot were left out.
126m:    Same except Roger's delayed reaction to Peter calling him after the shooting is cut a bit.
114m:    This includes the complete zombie encounter and includes "Zombie" again accompanying any ghoulish scenes. The different scenes in this print include a shot of the trucks and helicopter heading toward the viewer, plus a shot of Stephen closeup in the helicopter, parking lot runover scenes (the dummy prop is not too convincing anyway) plus an aerial shot of a cloud near the mall roof.
109m: Blonde's head shot removed, but blood is seen splashed on Roger's face. The crowbar ghoul's blasts removed.
119m: Blonde zombie getting shot is removed (even the blood splashed on his face immediately after). But yet they left the crowbar zombie's head shots.

Roger's attacked:
140m/126m/119m: Extra scenes of zombies gathering by trucks after Peter shakes up Roger.
After Roger gets bitten by a zombie and Peter speeds away there's a shot of zombies (later used in a publicity still used on the video box back cover). A shot of Stephen saying "Jesus" is cut. The scene where Peter asks Roger if he can walk on his leg is cut out. The extra shot of the zombie shot by Fran is missing as well.
114m/109m:    Extra scenes of zombies gathering by the truck is gone. A few angles are missing from the sequence where Roger is near bitten. The group of zombies seen after the truck speeds away is cut, but Stephen says "Jesus" in the chopper above when he sees Roger got bit. After Peter shakes up Roger, they appear back at the entrances. A few shots of Stephen and Fran are cut. Extra shots of the zombie Fran shoots. The rest of the scene is complete.

Gun Shopping:
140m/126m/119m:    With the exception of the shot of Peter getting the rifle off the wall, this is complete as is the following action/dialogue. Jungle library music accompanies the scene.
114m/109m:   Peter is seen grabbing a rifle off the wall (not seen in the US prints).

The run to the Department store:
140m/126m:    "The Hunt" opens the sequence. A brief shot of zombies when the four turn the corridor. Cut out is the shot of the fourth zombie woman. The scenes in the store are complete. But one of Stephen's lines is omitted.
114m:    Goblin's jungle track "Safari" opens the sequence that omits a brief zombie group shot and of the fourth zombie (lady). When they enter the store, the scene goes right to them lighting the blowtorch near the windows (cutting out their scene on the elevator and escalator). Stephen says "it's a long haul to the entrance" at the door and this is exclusive to this print.
109m: Crosshairs zombie seen but no head blast seen. 119m: Peter's crosshairs zombie closeup removed.

Car trouble:
140m:    Roger's struggle to get in the car is shorter. The scene of the ghoul shot in the head is cut. Stephen's full scene by the car cut down. Intact here is the Fran's encounter with the nun zombie. Intact also is the scene of the bandana lady zombie that hangs onto the back of the car. She is seen approaching the car in a few scenes.
"The Hunt" opens the next sequence right at its buildup part.
126m:    Cut out in the same places but also cuts out the approaching bandana lady shots.
114m:    For the umpteenth time, "Zombie" is used for the action of Peter and Roger
heading to the car. There's a shot of Roger unintentionally shooting a zombie in the head, full Stephen car scenes but no nun zombie or bandana lady's approach scenes.
109m: The accidentally shot zombie scene is intact though. Roger's wound being pressed by a zombie intact as well. Only one shot fired to dragging zombie. Otherwise same as 114m.
119m: Scene where Roger shoots a zombie accidentally while stumbling on a gate removed. Also the scene of his leg wound being pressed by a zombie removed. We see the ghoul but it cuts to the guys. Also cut is the head blast to the car dragging zombie.

Mall entrance:
   The hand of a zombie caught in the door is seen actually breaking off. Fran's complete reaction to Stephen on the walkie talkie is cut down a bit. The driveby shooting is cut a bit too though the sequence includes Fran's encounter with the baseball player ghoul. Sensitive music with tribal beating accompanies the balcony scene.
126m:    The hand breaking off is edited right as it happens (you see Peter's reaction).
114m:    The hand breaking off shot intact as well as Fran's full reaction scene to Stephen on the walkie talkie (she stands up). The driveby shooting has more victims. The baseball player encounter is gone. The balcony scene is accompanied loudly by "Dawn".
109m: Crosshairs zombie removed. Otherwise same as 114m.
120m: Another crosshairs zombie removed.

Putting up the wall/Cleaning up sequence:
   Not all the shots of the tools being grabbed are here and the paint scene is truncated. Fran is not seen going to the room to vomit nor is Stephen seen leaving the wall to find her. Fran sets down some things in the wheel barrow and there's a shot of her head not in 114m prints but cut is a scene of her pushing Roger in it. Comical Muzak plays in the background. The freezer room's light goes out and the dark lasts seconds longer.
126m/119m:    Same except that the tool scenes are cut after the balcony scene so that it goes to a shock cut of the drilling and hammering.
114m/109m:    Complete scenes of Peter and Stephen getting tools and building the wall. The paint scene is complete too. Fran is seen going to the room to vomit and Stephen leaving the wall project being painted to see her. "Oblivion", a slow Goblin track with saxophones and piano, provides a depressing backdrop for the clean-up scene which was in the opposite mood in the US print. The brief shot of Fran's face as she leans over Roger's cart is cut out but intact is her pushing him around.

    Complete bank scene with its library jugband music. The whole sequence of the rest of them shopping except for the extended scene of Fran with the clothes is missing. Stephen isn't seen looking at the other jacket's price, and Peter isn't looking in the mirror as long. Roger fumbles with a package here only and the music overlaps a bit.
126m/120m:    Same except Roger doesn't fumble with the package.
114m/109m:    The men are not seen leaving the bank nor is there jugband music. Fran is seen with other clothes, Stephen looks at a second jacket's price tag, and Peter looks in the mirror a bit longer. Roger fumbling is gone. The candy scene is cut out as the scene shifts to the skating scene and that graceful score in that scene is not included. "Zombi (Supermarket)" used here.

Atmospheric music with chilling zombie howls echoing through the mall. The zombies are briefly seen through the window before the group talks.
114m/109m:    "Dawn" plays loudly again…the brief zombie shots were cut.

Roger's death…and resurrection:
   Some Of Roger's agonizing cries are cut down in the beginning of the next sequence. Peter is seen climbing up the crawlspace. Cut is the shot of Stephen
turning on the TV. But there is most of the dialogue from the TV except a few of the Dr. Roush's lines. Roger's full scene is here. There's a cut down ending to the sequence. An extra shot of Fran at the bench as the men are by Roger's burial site in the mall. There's a longer shooting practice scene with the mannequins in the skating rink (and the gunshots sound different from the ones in the 114m)
114m/109m:   The full agonizing cries by Roger. Peter climb into the crawlspace is removed. A shot of Stephen turning on the TV is intact but it jumps right to the point in the discussion where Dr. Roush yells "Dummies!" After Roush says "they won't run out of food while we're still alive" he continues on "if ever a decision needed to be made it's now!". But the rest of the scenes are trimmed, more dialogue is cut. Roger's face isn't seen closeup when the sheets come down. The last few moments of this scene are missing.

  The beginning is intact but cut is Peter serving Fran and Stephen the potato and bread. Fran isn't seen picking up a hand (Stephen's hand opens Fran picks up the ring).He's seen playing with the ring in his palm before the montage begins but there's
some scenes of them in the mall (like looking at plants, looking at baby books, taking photos,etc.) cut from other prints.
126m/119m:    Same except the extra scenes of Stephen and Fran in the mall are cut. The Frannie nipple shot is brighter in the 120m.
114m:    The dinner scene's beginning is cut out. Peter serves the potato and the bread though. Stephen tells Fran to pick a hand as he has his fists concealing a ring. He doesn't play with the ring in his palm at the end of the scene. The scenes of Fran and Stephen in the mall are missing and "Awakening" , a gentle, reflective piano track accompanies.

   A Dies Irae-like score in the zombie montage in the parking lot. A shot used in 114m's earlier binocular scene on the roof is here. The reel to reel tape player shot is cut out. There is no beginning to Fran's makeup fantasy scene. The rest of the sequence is intact. A mall store recording comes on in this version. The sequence includes scenes of the LP playing, Stephen and Peter playing cards and Fran turning the TV on and off with Stephen.
114m/109m:    Goblin power surges are effective in the montage as well as similar Dies Irae-like library tracks. The shot used earlier of the female parking lot zombies is gone. The reel to reel tape player is seen and the beginning of Fran's makeup fantasy too. But the recorded mall message is gone and the drama scenes following the makeup fantasy are removed and jump right to the next sequence.

On the roof:
The entire helicopter landing sequence. The music is low-key and the last lines said by the bikers spying on the helicopter with binoculars is cut.
114m/109m:    The sequence starts with the chopper landing already. A guitar riff from "Shriek" is in the background (the riff doesn't open the track on the soundtrack). The bikers (one played by Tom Savini, the makeup effects man of most Romero films) have more dialogue: Rudy Ricci asks Tom's character "is that a comb?" He replies "yeah, ever see this before?" Ricci says "it's weird."

The invasion starts:
140m: Incomplete scene of the bikers getting prepared to attack. Shots are missing from their motorcade mostly near the end of it. Intact are Peter zipping up his SWAT uniform plus Stephen and Peter running down the corridor after he says "got your talk box? keep it handy". Bikers entering the parking lot from the front and one biker passing a zombie in red are also intact. Missing extended action scenes with bikers outside.
126m/119m:    Same except includes the tense Goblin track featured in the beginning of the film and not just library scores. The bass beat comes in effectively heightening suspense in the scene after the zombie catches fire when Peter and Stephen are seen closing the gates to the stores.
114m:    Extended shots of the bikers preparing their attack (revving of bikes, etc.) "Shriek", a disco-tempo type of rock track, seems kind of out of place here. Extended motorcade scenes of the vans and bikes. Cut is Peter zipping up his suit, Stephen and Peter running down the corridor after "keep it handy" is said. Also a shot of the bikers from the front entering the parking lot after that is missing as is a brief shot of a biker racing past a ghoul in red. There is some more action though. Exclusive to this print is after the zombie catches fire Peter is seen opening the department store secret door to get out followed by the bikers discussing the plan about taking their vans…then the scene of the two closing the gates ensues.
109m: Same as above but no head blasts.

The break-in:
  Exclusive to this print is an extended beginning to the vans and bikers pulling up action outside the entrances of the mall. But this shot is cut: A lady in a van shooting a zombie's forehead pointblank. There's no music in this scene. Intact here is the shot of Peter hiding on the escalator; but Stephen isn't seen running to the escalator before hesitating by the pillar.
126m:    "Zombie" is pretty fitting for the action which is heavily cut in the scenes outside the entrances. The pointblank shot is not here either. Peter is not seen on the escalator nor is Stephen running.
114m:    The action of the bikers outside is missing only the beginning shots seen in the 140m. The lady pointblank scene is here as well as Peter and Stephen's aforementioned scenes on the escalator.
109m: Same as above but minus head blasts.
119m: A closeup of a zombie head shot is removed.

Bikers gone wild sequences:
  As "Zombie" continues, there are more bike shots in the scenes of the bikers entering the mall. Not all the aerial shots of them are here. There are a few shots cut: Stephen closing the gates is gone, some bikers running into the gate before shooting it open, some looting is gone, and some shots of the mall. The full pie sequence is here with a perfect library track. Cut is Peter's amused reactions to that scene.
114m:    Slightly less bike shots in the scenes of the bikers entering the mall. Alternate aerial shots of the raiders. Though Stephen's entire closing of the gate scene is here,
there's a jumpcut going to the bikers running into the gate before shooting it. More looting scenes and mall shots. The last part of the pie sequence is accompanied by Goblin's comical piano piece "Pie in Face". Peter is seen cracking up at the pie scene.
109m: The "Pie in Face" track is played twice as fast!

    Incomplete: Fran on the steps scene, bikers getting guns from the shop, raiders getting out of the red van by the entrance. A montage of gun stealing (as well as other items) leading up to the bank cash scene is intact. The voices are more audible here. The bank scene is cut down with the voice track seemingly dubbed in later to make it go quicker. Missing aerial shot of the biker's sidecar motorcycle parking by the blood pressure booth.
126m/119m:   Same except the gun stealing scenes are out.
114m/109m:    Complete Fran on the steps scene, bikers stealing guns, raiders getting out of van; all looting intact. The complete bank scene though it's a bit inaudible over "Shriek." Aerial shot of the sidecar bike by the blood pressure booth.

Zombie torture:
  Extra zombie torture scenes are here: a spiked club, a decapitation with machete, etc.) The following scenes omit extra shots of zombies and some action.
But the looting remains except for the looters playing football in the store.
126m:    All of these scenes cut out.
114m:    All intact.
119m: After Peter says to Steve on the walkie talkie, "now we've got a war" it cuts to Blades waiting to decapitate the zombie lady but the chopping is cut and goes to Steve looking behind the display. Machete in the head zombie scene removed from between those scenes. No torture.
109m: Machete zombie scene is cut right before Blades goes to slice the zombie. The three zombie men that get shot in the abdomenal region are shown and the scene continues almost to the decapitation scene, but it cut again. No torture.

Stephen in elevator:
Complete elevator blackout scenes as well as action in the mall. The shot of Stephen hitting the power switch is gone.
126m/119m: Same but the bass beat of the Goblin track heard throughout keeps the momentum up in the action.
114m/109m:    Incomplete blackout scene. Stephen hitting power switch intact.

The conclusion:
   Correctly edited scene of Tom Savini's biker character (Blades according to the novelization) falling and the biker with the machine gun shooting at the ceiling. Some extra zombie action scenes. The complete zombie munching scenes. "The Gonk", a library polka track adds comic prance to the zombies reclaiming their mall. In this print, a bell tolling is mixed in the beginning of the track. Complete Stephen zombie sequence (though accompanied by less library music than the 126m all the end), the gun-toting zombie on the roof and "The Gonk" over end titles of zombies in the mall. No United Film Distribution Company credit at the end (as this is the nontheatrical print). Three successive final bell tollings over black screen.
126m:    Same except extra munching scenes after bikers leave missing as well as the munching after Fran and Stephen is trimmed down. It goes right to the point where the arm is in the blood pressure booth in a neat shock cut. The Gonk is mixed in loud and without the bell toll; more library music enhances the ending. The end has a United Film Distribution Company credit on black with one final bell tolling.
114m:    When Blades falls, the Argento-editing squeezes in the biker machine gunner in between! All munching intact. After that the rest of the zombie action is cut. The zombies march to just a bell tolling where the polka number is in the US print then unreleased Goblin track that was heard in the beginning of the US print(heard almost in its entirety) comes on when Stephen comes out of the elevator as a ghoul (omitting a few shots). The gun-toting zombie scene on the roof is cut out. The credits scroll this time (not listing any cast members and some US credits) on black with "Shriek" as the final song.
109m: Bites removed. No munching on parts. All we get is a blood pressure readout. No Stephen head blast or other zombies. "Shriek" comes on after Peter shoots and stops momentarily as Peter asks about gas when he gets in helicopter. Credits scroll identical to 114m.
119m: The disemboweling scenes removed. Also the scenes of bikers getting bitten is edited AFTER the scenes of the others riding away. Stephen squirming follows the screaming bikers. Then when the zombies enter the elevator-no bites! Stephen's head blast is intact! As are the rest of the head blasts. The final bell toll is on an orangy screen (no UFDC thing). DAWN title at end blacked out in ZOMBIES.